About me

Welcome to the Halcyon blog. My real name is Ivan, and I’m your host for the day. Relax and take a look around.

This blog has started after one of my coworkers jokingly complained that I write too much. So I figured that I should write more, and not necessarily just for The Man.

I’ve been interested in tech for as long as I’ve been able to hold a mouse, so I never know what to tell someone when they ask me for my experience. I was there for dial-up, both browser wars, and had a YouTube account before Google bought it - but all of those things can’t go on a resume. I’ve been charging money to make websites since 2015. I’ve worked on small startup projects as well as multi-million user enterprise behemoths, so I’ve seen a lot of things.

If you would like to hit me up - to send me kind words, validate my writing, ask me to clarify something or maybe even interject for a moment, I’m available via mail on (hello«at»halcyon.hr), or via social links on the blog’s front page.

I am also available for consultations and light freelance work, if you need an outsider’s opinion on your code, or general advice.

About this site

I’ve tried to keep it lightweight and fast. Hugo is used to generate static pages, and I incorporated new, native options wherever I could (for example, dark mode based on OS settings and native share sheets wherever available).

One of the goals was also to keep the website as accessible as possible. Please reach out with suggestions if you’re having trouble accessing the content, and I’ll do everything I can to make it right.

The Halcyon bird, affectionately known as Birb, has been designed by the wonderful Lucy.

Copyright Notices

Every article on this blog is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license. Please feel free to adapt the articles, share them, copy-paste bits and pieces into your blog or knowledge base, or generally do whatever you want to. The license only applies to my work on this blog - the licensing for other people’s images or projects linked to or embedded in this blog might be different.

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Privacy & Data Collection Notices

The Halcyon blog does not store cookies with personally identifying data, and does not collect any personal data otherwise. The site is hosted with Render, so I have no insight into the server logs.

If you participate in comments, mentions, or other interactive parts of the blog, I will only store and process the data that you explicitly agree to share.

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